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Tweet You Later January 9, 2009

Posted by Kevupnorth in Uncategorized.

I’ve done a few blog entrys about Twitter, because I think microblogging offers such a simple and accessible way to access all kinds of services.

The great thing about Twitter is that its API allows you to do just about anything with it.  Dave Briggs has done a great blog called TwitterHack which examines some of these and it’s well worth a look.  (Bloomin’ Briggsy – I was just developing my own version and he beat me to it…nevermind!)  I thought I might add this as my own contribution to it:

There’s a lot to be said for Twitter NOT becoming an automated tool – Stephen Fry’s Twitter is better than Billy Bragg’s because it is so personal.  However, in a PR or Corporate environment, it is often useful to have an automated function.  I found TweetLater the other day and tried it out over Christmas, when I didn’t want to be online.  There are three basic functions:

  • Automatically Sent Tweets when you’re unable to
  • Send replies to people who follow you on Twitter
  • Automatically follow anyone who follows you

There’s other things it can do too, like tweet a daily digest of people who followed you and various tracking tools.



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